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NUSSBAUM, with more than 60 years of experience, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive lifts and testing equipment for passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles. Through continuous innovation, patented technology, product development and manufacturing, we have become a valued partner for service centers, parts departments and body shops for products supporting the automotive and trucking industry.


NUSSBAUM is a German manufacturer of automotive lifts, testing lanes and tire and air conditioning service for the automotive service industry. We are now manufacturing our lifts in the United States for our North American customers. As our new manufacturing facility comes online we will provide our North American customers shorter lead times for custom lift purchases, easily accessible parts, and improved service and installation services. NUSSBAUM has been present in the US market since 1984 and there are over 20,000 NUSSBAUM automotive service lifts installed all over North America.

Thanks to our extensive know-how in the development and manufacturing of products for the after-sales service market, we have become a reliable partner for all of the needs around your workshop.

Other NUSSBAUM products include semi-automatic parking systems and car towers for exhibition purposes.

Our hydraulic components such as proportional valves and special cylinders are key elements in industrial systems and machines. A wide range of industries from shipbuilding to agricultural machinery rely upon our products due to their reliability and resistance to corrosion.


Innovation and Cost Efficiency

  • NUSSBAUM controls its own product development, engineering and construction
  • Exceptionally high manufacturing standards throughout the production process
  • Integration of all company functions and productions sites through an ERP System
  • Extensive expertise, experience, innovation and quality in the areas of hydraulics and control systems