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TSK 8000 highlighted in Fixed Ops Magazine

Fixed Ops Magazine

CLICK HERE to take a look at the newest issue of Fixed Ops Magazine and flip to the New Products section to see a feature on the Nussbaum TSK 8000 In-ground Lift.


Inground Lift TSK 8000 Fixed Ops New Product


Fixed Ops Magazine, published six times per year, is the only publication devoted exclusively to the $78 billion business of new car dealership Fixed Operations — Service, Parts and Body Shop. Fixed Ops Magazine is the only publication — in fact, the only medium of any kind — that reaches 100% of this vital and hard-to-reach audience.

Put another way, Fixed Ops Magazine IS the Fixed Operations business.

Fixed Operations Directors at each of the new car dealerships across the United States utilize Fixed Ops Magazine to keep abreast of the important news, industry events, tips, trends and expert advice essential for managing the profitability of this vital department. Fixed Ops Magazine helps dealerships identify profitable product and service offerings and customer retention-building ideas.

The printed Fixed Ops Magazine is delivered to the Fixed Operations Director at each of the nation’s 18,000 new car dealerships – the people who account for virtually 100% of dealership operating profits. More and more dealership General Managers also read Fixed Ops Magazine to be sure that they are giving their Service, Parts and Body Shop Departments the products and services they need to maximize efficiency, productivity, profitability and customer retention. Fixed Ops Magazine is the information resource that your customers rely on.

Fixed Ops Magazine