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The TSK 8000 and TSK 12000 inground lift provides a level of flexibility not found in other inground lifts. It’s design allows it to be used with a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to vans and off-road vehicles without having to drive-over the superstructure, which prevents tire/wheel damage and provides more access to vehicle under carriage.



Advantages of TSK Inground Lift:

  • Clean, Clear and Ergonomic Workshop
  • Open Smooth Bay Drive-In
    • No superstructure hump to drive-over
    • Eliminates tire/wheel damage
  • Wide Lifting Plungers
    • More underbody vehicle access
    • Easier repairs
    • Less obstructions


  • Low Profile Arms: Low profile arms (SC) are extremely flat and sturdy made of solid high strength steel for lifting very low and wide sports cars as well as standard cars, SUVs and trucks.
  • Double-Jointed Arms: These arms pick up anything from a golf cart to the longest truck. The extension range is from 0″- 70″
  • Lifting Height: The highest lifting height in the industry at 81”
  • Full self contained inground lift
  • 2-cylinder hydraulic lifting
  • Fire galvanized canister both inside and out to prevent corrosion or leaking
  • Power unit includes internal silent oil-submerged motor
  • Easy access canister cover for simple lift inspection and repairs
  • Optional bench mounted controls
  • Hard-chromed cylinders and plungers enable extreme long-life and a low total cost of ownership
  • Steel tubing instead of rubber hose ensures long-life and low maintenance
  • Guiding tubes are mechanically connected to guarantee synchronized movement and avoid rotation of the arms
  • Arms supplied with arm restraints for added safety
TSK 8000
  • Powder coated 2-times telescopic lifting arms with adjustable adapters
  • Perfect for passenger cars, vans and light trucks
TSK 12000 DG –  Double-jointed arms
  • Reaches 100% of pick-up points within arms reach
  • Easy lifting of passenger cars though 90˚ of lifting arms positioning
  • Unique design provides the ultimate flexibility in reaching vehicle pick-up points


TSK 8000 TSK 12000 DG
Lifting Capacity (lbs) 8,000 12,000
Lifting Time Approx. (sec) 35 45
Lifting Height (in) 81.5″ 81.5″
Piston Diameter (in) 5.5″ 5.5″
Distance between Pistons (in) 86.625″ Variable
Arm Extension (in) 23.5″ – 38.875″ 0″ – 70.47″
Lowest Pick-up Point (in) 3.5″ – 4.75″ 4.53″ – 7.48″
Motor (hp) 3 3
Power Supply (V) 208/230V / 1ph / 20 AMP 208/230V / 1ph / 20 AMP

*All technical data are subject to change.

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