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The SPRINTER is a mid-rise lift with a three foot lifting height, which covers 90% of all activities in the garage. Thanks to the Mobile-Set, you can move the lift easily and without any problem. The SPRINTER safely picks up most vehicles including SUVs.



Function and Safety

The hydraulic system of the SPRINTER works with two cylinders on independent hydraulic systems. A special safety device in the hydraulic circuit substitutes the conventional security latches and protects the lift from sagging. Mechanical synchronization is achieved by torsion bars at the bottom of the lift.


  • Capacity: 7,000lb capacity can lift virtually any vehicle on the road including SUVs
  • Fast and Easy Setup: Sprinter Lift is pre-assembled and tested. To setup the lift JUST unpack, fill with hydraulic oil and plug in – no installation, bolting down or compressed air needed
  • Lift Time: Has the quickest lift time in the industry at 16 seconds
  • Completely Portable: Come with a mobility kit to move the lift easily from on location to another – Mobile-Set allows the lift to be moved quickly and easily
  • Adjustable Platform: Platforms adjust from 55″-79″ to accomodate larger vehicles
  • Operating Performance: Powerful lifting with our industry only oil immersed motor. This powerful motor runs in the hydraulic fluid keeping it clean, cool and permanently lubricated for up to 5x the life of a standard bolt on power unit.
  • Lifting Height: Approximately 39″
  • Additional working space
  • Anti-skid lifting platforms are galvanized with adjustable lengths
  • Push button controls
  • Fast lifting and lowering times
  • Complete fire galvanized (option) – for corrosive environments
  • Includes four 2″ tall polymer crush blocks


Perfect accessories for every application:
  • Fire galvanization of scissors and base plate for corrosive environment
  • 4″ Polymer Crush Block
  • Tuning ramps for low clearance or sports cars – 1 set = 4 units


Lifting Capacity (lb) 7000
Lifting Time Approx. (sec) 16
Lifting Height (in) 39″
Drive Over Height (in) 4″
Total Width (in) 75.25″
Lifting Platform Width (in) 17.75″
Lifting Platform Length (in) 55″ – 79″
Motor (hp) 2,0
Power Supply (V/Hz) 208/230V / 20AMP

*All technical data are subject to change.

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