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QuickSpan Chrome

The QuickSpan® Chrome digital wheel balancer, with pneumatic wheel clamping, is equipped with features and benefits required by professional maintenance and tire service centers.



Chrome Touch Option

This is the optimum choice for professional maintenance shops and tire service centers. There is no need for any external input device as all functions are controlled by simply touching the screen.

Additional Features:

  • 15″ Touchscreen with integrated PC and Windows© CE operating system

QuickSpan® Chrome Features:

  • Pneumatic supported clamping device. After the operator positions the wheel on the machine, he simply puts the QuickSpan® lock on the axle
  • Pedal switch for releasing and locking the QuickSpan® clamping system
  • With only one measuring run, an optimum result can be achieved as the wheel is always clamped precisely
  • The LED Display is equipped with large buttons for ease of operation and data input. LEDs also display the imbalance values and operational status of the balancer
  • Automatic recognition of the balancing program during the data input speeds up the entire balancing process
  • Gauge arm allows for automatic input of distance and diameter. The gauge arm, which incorporates a magnetic placement device, facilitates a more comfortable method of placing the weights onto the rim
  • Wheel width is calculated in an approximation manner through evaluation of the distance and diameter. The wheel width value calculated by this method requires little, if any, correction. Consequently, the wheel width is indicated immediately following input of the distance and diameter. If necessary, a quick correction can be made by the press of a button.
  • Outer gauge arm for the detection of the width
  • Relocation to the weight position for adhesive wheel weights: New software automatically detects if the operator wants to read wheel data or place weights
  • The weight tray is equipped with 31 compartments for wheel weights and cones, as well as a compartment for the weight pliers and the adhesive wheel weight removal tool
  • Electro Mechanical Brake makes clamping of the wheel very comfortable and provides a semi-automatic procedure
  • The unique design for the wheel guard reduces space requirement in the workshop to a minimum
  • Engineered and manufactured in GERMANY

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