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Quick Lube NT

Designed for quick lube and wheel service using subfloor pits, the Quick Lube NT mid-rise lift has great flexibility for almost any application. The NUSSBAUM NT cylinder system allows the lift to be mounted at any width with no need for mechanical ties between the platforms, eliminating obstructions in the pit.


  • Capacity: 9,000lb capacity can lift virtually any vehicle on the road
  • Increased Productivity: No mechanical connection between the platforms allows free access between the scissors
  • Installation: Pit-installed or also can be surfaced mounted
  • Swing Arms: Slide in over the platforms to engage frame lift points on SUVs and trucks. Easily adjustable with height extensions for lifting vehicles with frame lifting points inside the platform area.
  • Operating Performance: Powerful lifting with our industry only oil immersed motor which runs in the hydraulic fluid keeping it clean, cool and permanently lubricated for up to 5x the life of a standard bolt on power unit.
  • Function & Safety: Exclusive NT Hydraulic System utilizes two completely independent hydraulic systems which create a synchronization system that constantly keeps the lift level and completely safe
  • Control station can be mounted in virtually any location with optional hose extensions
  • The lowest of cars can access the lift due to the low 4.625″ height platforms
  • The standard unit supplied with drive on/off ramps for surface mount installation
  • Flush mounting eliminates all transitions on and off the lift
  • Cylinders are hard and hot chromed for superior service and extended seal life

Quick Lube Bay

Even the lowest of cars can access the lift due to the low 4.625″platform height. The easily adjustable outboard swing arms, that include height extensions, allow for lifting of vehicles whose frame falls inside the platform area. The standard unit surface mounts with drive on/off ramps. The flush mount unit (shown below) eliminates all transitions on and off the lift.



Lifting Capacity (lb) 9000
Lifting Time Approx. (sec) 20
Lifting Height (in) 32.75″
Low Clearance Platform (in) 4.625″
Platform Width (in) 25.625″
Overall Width Variable
Platform Length 56.125″
Overall Length with Ramps 83.125″
Motor (kW) 1,5
Power Supply (V) 230VAC / 60 Hz / 1ph

*All technical data are subject to change.

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