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MC 66000

NUSSBAUM Mobile Column Lifts are strong but lightweight, with a compact design, making them very convenient to use in a variety of settings. NUSSBAUM offers the perfect mobile column lifts for different applications in the commercial vehicle repair shop. NUSSBAUM Mobile Column Lifts, with their quick set-up time and clear vehicle access, will improve productivity in any shop.



The patented electronic synchronization system Safety Star Technology (SST) guarantees exact synchronized movement of the system at the same height at any time. An electronic position measuring system and proportional valves guarantee exact synchronization within a thousandth of an inch. Furthermore, the system locks at any working position mechanically. The mobile columns are powder coated to protect against the elements.


  • Low column height of 85.25″ allows for easy transporting by truck
  • Easy movement of the columns through integrated roller system and manual jack
  • Adjustable wheel forks allow lifting on a wide range of different tire sizes without special adapters
  • Possible to operate the mobile columns individually for lifting and lowering, to reach different pick-up points, example, lifting a trailer attached to truck
  • Any configuration of columns can be used together or separately with the simple push of a button
  • Optional “Flex” system allows all columns to be operated through push buttons located on any column
  • Display shows the lifting heights of all columns within a thousandth of an inch
  • Emergency stop buttons located on every column for additional safety
  • NUSSBAUM exclusive wireless operation and control system available

MCS agrar:

The solution for agricultural vehicles. Broad wheel forks guarantee secure lifting of tractors and other agricultural vehicles.





  • 4 lifting columns
  • Entire lifting system controlled by master column
  • Plug-in connection through electro cable from one lifting column to another allows for short setup times
  • No distracting supply lines in working area under vehicle



  • Extendable up to 8 lifting columns
  • Operated centrally or individually at each lifting column
  • Lifting units can be switched on or off at the master c
  • System is networked with CAN-Bus and is extendable up to 8 lifting columns
  • Plug-in connection through electro cable from one lifting column to another allows for short setup times
  • No distracting supply lines in working area under vehicle



  • Extendable up to 8 lifting columns, no wire connection, mobile and flexible system
  • Wireless synchronization, battery driven system and delivered ready-to-operate
  • Operated individually at each lifting column or centrally from the master column
  • Battery-driven operation of each column, as well as all communication between the columns via WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY – distracting cable connections are no longer necessary
  • Mobile Columns are simply positioned at the truck’s wheels an can begin lifting without any further setup
  • The MCS with WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY can be easily transported by truck and deployed and ready-to-operate quickly
  • The battery charging is provided through an integrated battery charger


Lifting Capacity – Each Column (lbs) 16,500 (66,000 per set of 4)
Lifting Height (in) 64.7″
Column Height (in) 85.25″
Fork Length (in) 15.25″
Lifting Time (sec) 135 sec @ 208/230 / 1 ph
70 sec @ 208/230 / 3 ph (opt)
Lifting Column Height (in) 103.5″
Motor (kW) 1,5 per column
Power Supply Battery

*All technical data are subject to change.

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