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HF 11000 – Two Post Lift

The HF 11000 is a revolutionary hydraulic two post lift. The patented HyperFlow® technology allows the lift to be perfectly and automatically synchronized without cables or pulleys. The hard piping  guarantees a long lasting and secure operation, increasing the productivity and efficiency of the workshop while reducing cost of ownership.

Two Post Lift HF 11000 NT

HyperFlow® Advantages

  • 2 hydraulic cylinders with HyperFlow® technology and a mechanical locking system
  • The synchronization is automatically performed in the top position
  • Manual equalization valves to ensure synchronization are no longer required
  • Automatic equalization of the hydraulic system when approaching maximum raised position
  • Reduced wear parts, no cables or pulleys


  • Asymmetric arms with 11,000 lb capacity
  • Available in two heights 144″ and 161″
  • Fast lifting and lowering times guarantee high cost effectiveness
  • Powerful and uniform lifting with control lever
  • HyperFlow® technology ensures synchronization without cables or pulleys
  • Nearly wear-free hydraulic cylinders
  • Self-equalization system for the hydraulic system
  • Slim design cylinders are protected behind covers
  • Long reach arms to pick up vans with low lifting points
  • Low noise oil-submerged motor
  • Extremely low maintenance lift – no expensive parts to be replaced and no down time during servicing

HyperFlow Technology Hydraulic Two Post Lift



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 HF 11000
Lifting Capacity (lb) 11000
Lifting Time Approx. (sec) up/down 30/20
Lifting Height (in) 78.75″
Low Lifting Point (in) min/max 4.4″ – 7.5″
Total Height Column (in) 161″
Total Height w/Riser Pipe (in) min/max 161.8″ – 191.5″
Drive-Through Width (in) 96.45″
Total Width (in) 124″
Long Arms Extraction (in) min/max 39.5″ – 59″
Short Arms Extraction (in) min/max 21.5″ – 43.5″
Power Supply (V/Hz/ph) 208/230 / 1ph / 20 AMP
Motor (kW) 3

*All technical data are subject to change.

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