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Headlight Beam Testers

The NUSSBAUM headlight beam tester and adjustment device is a robust, precision instrument but is designed for user friendly ease of use for any automotive service center.


Why is testing headlight beams so important?

Ideally, headlight beam testing and positioning should be checked by automotive service centers just as the oil levels, tire pressure and alignment and other important fluids and systems are. Failure to maintain correct headlight adjustments could lead to serious impairments in line of sight distances. This could also create hazards for oncoming drivers through inadvertent “blinding”.

According to most legal requirements, a vehicle should be positioned exactly 30 feet in front of a white wall with the center axis of the headlight beams reflected onto it to test for proper adjustment. This is the general methodology of determining any deviation of the beams.

As you might imagine, this form of measurement is usually impractical for most service centers due to the lack of appropriate space. NUSSBAUM’s HLT Headlight Beam adjustment device offers the mechanic an alternative to this space need as the product’s integrated lens enables the required 30 foot distance to be reduced to just a few inches.


  • Testing range of headlight types from halogen through Xenon
  • Solid mechanical structure coupled with simplistic and easy handling
  • One handed height adjustment with automatic locking
  • Fast set-up by use of a mirror
  • Measurement reflection control using a hinged mirror at the rear of the cabinet
  • Simple lateral movement from each headlamp without complicated maneuvering
  • No electrical connection or batteries required
  • Ergonomic controls


HLT 600
Mobile headlight beam tester without luxmeter

HLT 610
Mobile headlight beam tester with luxmeter

HLT 620
For mounting on rails with luxmeter

HLT 650
Mobile headlight beam tester with luxmeter and data transfer possibilities



Measuring Height (in) 10″-51″ 10″-51″ 9.5″-55″
Measuring Range (in) 0″-2″ 0″-2″
Weight (lbs) 66 66 73

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