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HDL 18000 SST

NUSSBUAM’s heavy duty two post POWER LIFT HDL 18000 SST has an enormous lifting capacity of up to 18,000 pounds. This is a safe lift for use with a wide range of vehicles, from small passenger cars up to large tractor trailers.



There are numerous carrying arms for automotive lifts, but only a very few of these are able to lift such a wide range of vehicles from a small cars (such as a Smart Car) to bigger transporters (VW Sprinter). NUSSBAUM has the solution: double-jointed carrying arms.

With our double-jointed carrying arms, which we specially developed for our 2-post lifts and inground lifts, we offer you versatility in the shop where it becomes possible to lift vehicles from the smallest car to a very long tractor trailer.

Our carrying arms are extremely long and have an enlarged pivoting area from 0″ up to 70″, thanks to its 2-fold telescopic function and its double-jointed articulation, which operates like an elbow.

The NUSSBAUM double-jointed carrying arms are easy to handle.


  • Security and synchronization with the Safety Star Technology (SST)
  • Shut off bar on top
  • No ground connection
  • Double-jointed arms
  • Fast lifting and lowering
  • Low maintenance and almost wear-free cylinder


  • The symmetric double-jointed arms are roller-beared and telescopic, guaranteeing exact positioning to the individual pick-up points, even for small passenger cars
  • Thanks to the optional MINI MAX adapter, with a capacity of 9,000 pounds, the double-jointed arms are really universal and can lift even the smallest cars. With an adjustable range from 3″ to 7″, the lift with MINI MAX is ideal for small cars and other vehicles with low clearance


Due to Safety Star Technology (SST), a patented safety system, the load in each working height is secured mechanically. The lifting units are synchronized and controlled by proportional valve technology. The Safety Star Technology controls the synchronicity of the lifting units to exactly 1/10 millimeters.



HDL 18000
Lifting Capacity (lb) 18000
Lifting Time Approx. (sec) 65
Lowering Time Approx. (sec) 65
Lifting Height (in) 78″
Lowest Pick-Up Point (in) 5.5″ – 8.5″
Column Height (in) 107.75″
Total Height (in) 182.75″ – 200.5″
Total Width (in) 165.75″
Drive-through Width (in) 102.75″
Distance Between Columns (in) 110.6″
Arm Extraction (in) 0 – 74.5″
Motor (hp) 3
Power Supply (V/Hz/A) 208/230V / 60Hz / 1ph / 20 AMP

*All technical data are subject to change.

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