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Nussbaum hosts Baden Trade Association of Industrial Companies

On October 3, a delegation of representatives from the German organization Baden Trade Association of Industrial Companies (WVIB) visited the new Nussbaum North American Headquarters in Gastonia, N.C. The delegation was given a presentation about the plant, followed by a tour of Nussbaum Automotive Solutions’ 60,000 square foot facility and a presentation by the Commerzbank New York. The representatives were able to see not only the existing machinery in the plant, but Nussbaum North American products that blend innovative German technology with reliable American manufacturing.

The Director of WVIB, Dr. Christoph Münzer, expressed his sentiments about the visit as he explained, “What I really like about Nussbaum USA is their pioneering spirit. Nussbaum has top-ranked products and a clear strategy. Tremendous opportunities are waiting to be seized—I feel that the Nussbaum team has the courage to go even further.”

Nussbaum Automotive Solutions is honored by the visit from the group of German CEOs traveling with WVIB, and hopes to have the opportunity to showcase their new facility and headquarters to other organizations and industry leaders.