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Power Lift SPL

Hydraulic lifts that are powerful and reliable.

Jumbo Lift Nussbaum

Select the load capacity of your lift:

9000 lb 10000 lb 15000 lb


POWER LIFT – Clear & Cut

  • Additional security by the electro-magnetic locking
  • Fast lifting and lowering times
  • Self-purging cylinders for powerful lifting and lowering
  • Cylinders are protected behind a cover and work inside the columns
  • Adjustable lowering speed through control lever
  • No floor connection with shut off bar at the top connection
  • Flexible carrying arm either asymmetrical arms
  • Synchronized cables ensure exact synchronization of both lifting columns
  • Integrated oil-submerged motor
  • Hard chrome cylinder guarantees extreme long-life cycle
  • Low maintenance and almost wear-free cylinder
  • Galvanized version can be installed and using outdoor (with external control unit)

Function & Safety

Electromagnetic latches on the SPL 9000 and SPL 10000 models provide for superior safety. The safety features on the SPL 15000 model is provided through the patented Safety Star Technology system.


  • Height adapters to facilitate picking up of passenger cars and vans, with brand-specific pick-up points
  • Push button control
  • External power unit for the use in a washing bay or outdoor
  • Special color with RAL-Color unicolor