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2017 SEMA Show : See you there!

Nussbaum 2017 SEMA Show Featured lifts
Visit NUSSBAUM at the 2017 SEMA Show in booth #10154 at the Las Vegas Convention Center from October 31 – November 3.

We are featuring our JUMBO 7000 double-scissor lift, the HFNT 8000 2 post lift with 3 stage arms and the HFNT 12000 2 post lift with our industry exclusive double-jointed arms featuring 0-72” reach to accommodate more vehicles than any other lift in the industry.

Be sure to follow us throughout the weekend for updates.


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HyperFlow® : Unique hydraulic tuning

hyperflow_overview_760x372_enNUSSBAUMs new hydraulic technology makes hydraulic lifts less prone to failure, eliminates wear on parts, reduces the need for routine maintenance and makes your repair shop more efficient.

What is HyperFlow®?

HyperFlow® controls the synchronization of the hydraulic cylinders on your lift automatically. During each full lifting process the pressure of hydraulic oil in the cylinders is regulated . This eliminates the normally indispensable refilling of hydraulic oil and perfect synchronization (uniform and synchronous lifting of all the cylinders) is guaranteed for a long time.

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SPL 10000 Automotive Lift Receives ALI Certification

ALI Certification SPL 10000 Nussbaum Auto Lift

Nussbaum Automotive Solutions announced that their SPL 10000 automotive lift model, manufactured in Gastonia, N.C., has received Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Certification.

The Automotive Lift Institute is a trade organization of North American-based lift manufacturers that administers an independently verified product certification program. Through the certification process, ALI determined that the SPL 10000 is safely designed and constructed, therefore reducing lift-related accidents, damage and injuries. A powerful hydraulic asymmetrical lift with a lifting capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, the American-made SPL 10000 reflects Nussbaum Automotive Solution’s high quality standards and processes.

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Our Facility Reaches Full Production

Executives at Nussbaum Automotive Solutions, a manufacturer of automotive lifts, have announced that full production is underway at their Gastonia, N.C. manufacturing facility.

Our sales team is energetic and highly motivated to reach out and do business with distributors across North America. We realize that our distributor relationships are a core element of our business, and we want to grow and nurture those relationships as much as possible.
– Bortie Twiford

In addition to utilizing the technology and engineering of their German parent company, Nussbaum has made an effort to form relationships with automotive lift distributors around the country. With 25 years of experience of owning an automotive equipment distributor, Bortie Twiford, Nussbaum Automotive Solutions’ North America Business Development and Sales Manager, has a deep understanding of the relationship between suppliers and distributors. “Our sales team is energetic and highly motivated to reach out and do business with distributors across North America. We realize that our distributor relationships are a core element of our business, and we want to grow and nurture those relationships as much as possible,” said Twiford.

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First American Made Lift leaves the Warehouse

First American Made Lift Nussbaum Automotive Solutions

As 2014 begins, we’d like to celebrate our accomplishments in 2013 – Our greatest being the VERY FIRST of Nussbaum Automotive Solutions’s American-made lifts having left the factory in Gastonia, North Carolina! Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

2013 SEMA Show

Nussbaum USA recently introduced their newest American-made lift model at the SEMA show, the premier automotive specialty products trade show in Las Vegas, NV. The Nussbaum SPL 10000 is a hydraulic asymmetric two-post lift with a lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs. With the two-post lifting system, this model also boasts telescopic asymmetric arms which allow for optimal door clearance and easy access to the interior of the vehicle.

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Nussbaum hosts Baden Trade Association of Industrial Companies

On October 3, a delegation of representatives from the German organization Baden Trade Association of Industrial Companies (WVIB) visited the new Nussbaum North American Headquarters in Gastonia, N.C. The delegation was given a presentation about the plant, followed by a tour of Nussbaum Automotive Solutions’ 60,000 square foot facility and a presentation by the Commerzbank New York. The representatives were able to see not only the existing machinery in the plant, but Nussbaum North American products that blend innovative German technology with reliable American manufacturing.

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Jobs Coming to Gastonia

A German, family-owned business, Nussbaum expects its plant in West Gastonia’s Delta Business Park to begin rolling out vehicle lifts within six months. Lifts are the pieces of machinery that elevate cars and trucks for service.

“Today the company is also here to give your community and the economy a lift,” quipped Dale Carroll, a deputy secretary for the N.C. Department of Commerce.

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